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Griffin Athletics

Oxford Preparatory School


Griffin Athletics

Oxford Preparatory School

Griffin Athletics

Oxford Preparatory School

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OPS Scholar Athletes

Congrats to All OPS Scholar Student-Athletes 2020-21

 (Individual 3.5 Weighted GPA) &

(Team 3.1 Unweighted GPA, Must have 5 athletes per gender to be recognized)

Cross Country Co-ed Team GPA 3.29 (Coach John Twisdale)

Drake Hobgood,  Carla Rodriguez, Alex Rote, and Isaac Watkins.  

Volleyball Team GPA 3.82 (Coach April Abbott and Alyssa Blair)

Aaliyah Alston, McKayla Boyd, Lillian Brooks, Holly Currin, Jane Faulkner, Emily Hobgood, Zoe Holland, Samantha Huff, Alexis Moseley, Reese Newton, Hannah Pitcher, Kaylee Preddy, Meredith Reese, Jillian Stone,Devon Taranto, Reagan Tingen, Maggie Wilkinson, and Kadence Woodlief.

Swim Team GPA 3.92 (Coach Susan Westbrook)

Chevy Chiem, Isaac Watkins, Jillian Stone, Carla Rodriguez, Avery Thomas, and Chapel Westbrook.

Basketball Men's Team GPA 3.54 (Coach Leo Brunelli, Everett Byrd, and Pete Lagusis)

Keenan Coley, Jackson Edwards, Nick Ellis, Bryce Garrett, Chris Hayes, Daniel Hoyle, Codie Johnson, Logan Jones, and Lucas Juntunen.

Basketball Women'sTeam GPA 3.69 (Coach Jon Juntunen and Mona Addington)

Aaliyah Alston, Holly Currin, Samantha Huff, Jamirah Moore, Alexis Moseley, Reese Newton, Cayton Sievert, Maggie Wilkinson, and Kadence Woodlief.

Cheer Team GPA 3.85 (Coach Cheri Blanchard-Hayes)

Jaci Crute, Madison Hight, Alexis Wilson, and Reagan Owens.

Softball Team GPA 3.55 (Coach Tommy Anstead)

Julie Dale, Jane Faulkner, Paige Meadows, Alexis Moseley, Ashlyn Roberson, Chloe Satterfield, Maggie Wilkinson, and Kadence Woodlief 

Women's Soccer Team GPA 3.4889  (Coach Brent Bedwell)

Lillian Brooks, Makayla Cox, Jaci Crute, Samantha Huff, Reese Newton, Carla Rodriguez, Cayton Sievert, Devon Taranto, and Reagan Tingen

Baseball: Team GPA 3.311 (Coach Benji Nelson)

Zach Biggs, Jackson Edwards, Brayden Garrett, Bryce Garrett, Chris Hayes, Drake Hobgood, Codie Johnson, and Noah Watson

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