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Griffin Athletics

Oxford Preparatory School


Griffin Athletics

Oxford Preparatory School

Griffin Athletics

Oxford Preparatory School

Announcements and Important Events

TNAC 1A All Conference Oxford Prep School 2021-2022

Triangle North Athletic Conference (TNAC)

All Conference Honors

Fall 2021 Sports

Cross Country

Isaac Watkins



Kennedy Wilkerson

Emily Wilkinson


Osbaldo Carlos

Robert Faulkner

Davis Faulkner

Quinn Gilbert

Honorable Mention

Cameron Doby

Markus Lagusis


Jane Faulkner

Zoe Holland

Delaney Lowery

Honorable Mention

Holly Currin

Paige Ellington



Congratulations to NCAC

All Conference Selections

                                           Go Griffins!                                       

Cross Country                 Carla Rodriguez 2021

Volleyball                          Zoe Holland 2022         

                                         Honorable Mention: Holly Currin 2023 & Kadence Woodlief 2023

Swim                                Chapel Westbrook 2024

Men's Basketball              Keenan Coley 2021 & Lucas Juntunen 2022

                                         Honorable Mention:  Codie Johnson 2021 & Bryce Garrett 2021

Women's Basketball         Samantha Huff 2023 & Kadence Woodlief 2023

                                          Honorable Mention:  Aaliyah Alston 2022 & Holly Currin 2023

Women’s Soccer              Carla Rodriguez 2021

                                        Honorable Mention:  Samanth Huff 2023 & Jaci Crute 2022

Softball                            Jane Faulkner 2022 & Kadence Woodlief 2023

                                        Honorable Mention:  Emily Faucette 2021 & Ashlyn Roberson 2022

Baseball                            Zach Biggs 2021 & Bryce Garrett 2021

                                           Honorable Mention:  Jackson Edwards 2022 & Noah Watson 2022


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